Öppna världar – inte som alla andra

Öppna världar - inte som alla andra

Avsnitt 230 – Capture what felt real

The last episode of 2023 is finally here! And what an episode we got for you to finish off the year in the best possible way!

We are delighted to have the founder and creative director from thatgamecompany, Jenova Chen as our guest, when we go down the list of the games he has made together with his team since the beginning. From developing his student project Cloud in 2005, to see his company employ almost 200 people, making games for hundreds of millions of players around the world, Jenovas and thatgamecompanys journey (no pun intended) is really something else.

We talk about both Jenovas inspiration as well as his passion for making games recognized as an artform just as much as other mediums, but not before we touch on that mystery around the astronauts who became evangelists after visiting the moon and Jenovas short time at Maxis, just to name a few things.

Thank you for this year dear listener and may we wish you a Happy New Year! Much love!

For more about thatgamecompany, please visit their website.
And to hear when Jenova Chen is interviewed by Ted Price in The Game Maker’s Notebook, find it here.

The rights to the music you hear in the episode belongs to their original copyright owner and the music you hear from Cloud, Flow, Flower, Journey and Sky is written by Vincent Diamante and Austin Wintory.

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